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Mummy Mei's Story

What inspired her?


Mummy help services were seeded (magically and unknowingly) in year 2014 when Mummy Mei, a previous Physical Education Secondary School Teacher and Outward Bound Singapore Instructor, had her first baby. 

She has a flair for taking care of babies and interacting with children so she would never have expected parenting to be an issue. However, when her first child came, she was thoroughly overwhelmed. She is extroverted and needs to regain energy by being with people; but she could not. She was "jailed" in the house and always on her toes to the crying baby. Her family and friends were working and no one was there to give her the support that she needed. She just need someone, a few minutes to carry her baby for her. She needed self-care and solitude time so desperately. Her sanity hung by a thread.

Mummy Mei walked this arduous journey and wishes that caregivers like her are not alone and they get the support they need.

Why, What & How?: About

What is a
Mother's Helper?

The magical helping hand

The 'village that brings up the child' has transformed tremendously over the generations. Based on the current nuclear household trend, mothers are the centre of the entire household; often spread too thinly till the extent that they forgo self-care.  

Get respite time with a mother's helper. Mummy Mei, a versatile persona who can assist the mothers maintain the perfect safe and secure home environment for the family.

Why, What & How?: About


Facilitated learning for adults who are self-directed learners

Mummy Mei marries co-directed services and self-ownership learning to achieve effectiveness of the programs.

Everyone's needs are different and changes constantly. Hence, constant communication is of utmost importance to achieve the desired and co-identified outcomes.  

The effectiveness of the programmes are achieved when the clients gain independence managing their household with sufficient self-care time.

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