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House in a mess? Need extra pair of hands?

MOM ME EDM Curtain Alteration.png

No more drapey curtains.

Cook/ Bake @ Home

MOM ME EDM Home Cook.png

Need help preparing a feast or party at home?

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Mom Me, Wow We

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn." O Fred Donaldson.

Adults? ditto. nuff said.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mom-Me services, simply get in touch.

Services: Services

Mooncake making Fun!

Before Mid Autumn Festival (check with us for availability)

Customised Programs

Unique Individuals. Unique Needs.

Co-curate the program with Mummy Mei by choosing the program elements desired.

A minimum of 3 hours in a day is required. Maximum of 8 hours is possible (between 9am to 5pm). 

Cost: $50 per hour

Program Elements
(Pick & Choose)

Let's journey together with what you need most.

Let's chat: Old medicine; same remedy. Instead of getting all your feelings bottled, honour them by sharing to a neutral party.

Let's do some home improvements: Need help to figure out something in the household while managing everything else happening at the same time?

Let's walk: The sun, the rain, the clouds, the sky, the flora & fauna. Get in touch with them for a calmer mind. Walk and feel the good adrenaline.

Let's play sports: Mental Health is an aggregate of physical, intellectual, emotional and social domains. Get your heart bumping, adrenaline running and cortisol levels down.

Let's venture further: Infants and children learns best in the outdoor elements. First time bringing your baby out to places of interests or theme parks and prefers companion as booster shots?


Let's create a garden: It is just so therapeutic watching the seeds germinate and the plants grow isn't it? Fancy some self grown herbs and vegetables for your meals?

Let's cook/ bake: Get therapy by getting something done. You will be enjoying, literally, the fruit of your labour at the end of the session.​

Services: Services
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